Who they are: Poppy Lane

What they do: Poppy Lane is an online store and boutique offering curated collections of clothing based on style rather than trend.

Where in the world: Melbourne, Australia

Poppy Lane Uses Ampjar to bridge the gap between online and offline.

With a background both in retail design and fashion, Sasha couldn’t say no to an opportunity to open a store of her own.

That store is now a lively place where people aren’t treated like customers, but as friends. Where people pop in for a coffee instead of mindlessly browsing the shelves.

Poppy Lane also has a thriving online store, where they sell their own products alongside a carefully cultivated selection of other brands.

Their physical store often helps drive people to their online store, and vice-versa.

They’ve been able to successfully connect online and offline worlds, and Ampjar has helped them get there.



Driving Online and Offline Sales With Ampjar Fast Emails

“If it wasn’t for Ampjar then a newsletter would definitely not go out every week.”

Sasha first dipped her feet into the email marketing waters when she started using Mailchimp.

It wasn’t long before she became a little overwhelmed with the complexity of it. Plus, as a one-woman-band, her time was limited. She needed something easier.

“I moved directly to Ampjar because I’m only one person, it just made my life easier.”

Sasha found that sending one email a week was the perfect frequency for optimal engagement.

She now has an average open rate of around 40%!

There are two main goals that Sasha has in mind when she sends these emails…

One is to drive sales on her online store.

The other is to increase the number of people visiting her offline store.

In terms of driving sales, Sasha finds email marketing with Ampjar to be far more effective than social media. She finds that people are more hesitant to buy from social media posts than they are via email.

The emails Sasha sends are pre-populated with her best performing social media content, so all she needs to do is tweak the details and hit send.

For a time-strapped founder, it’s the perfect solution.

Online To Offline With One Click

“Subscribers want to know what I’ve got in store, so I’m targeting them. And a lot of them that are on the email list definitely come in-store and have a look, but then the people that aren’t local will go to the website and buy.”

Of course, while Sasha wants to drive online sales through Ampjar Fast Emails, there’s a whole other aspect of Poppy Lane — the physical store.

Sasha has found that sending regular emails has increased the footfall to her offline store.

Her emails essentially act like an extended shop window, showcasing some of the products on offer.

People who live close enough to the store might then be tempted to come on in and take a look.

When people do finally visit the store, Sasha goes out of her way to make it the best possible experience.

“I really pride myself on making people feel welcome, and the idea is that when they walk through the door, they kind of feel like they’re walking into my lounge room. They’re a friend.”

By turning her physical store into an experience, and then using email marketing to funnel people inside, Sasha has been able to grow her brand.


Maximizing Instagram Content With Ampjar

“You’ve got to do Facebook. You’ve got to do Instagram. And they’re the ones, you know, that you need to focus on. But I think we forget that we need to take a more holistic approach to our marketing.”

While Sasha sees email as her primary online marketing channel, she’s also built up an audience on social media, primarily Instagram.

She regularly posts photos of the latest designs and products that Poppy Lane sells.

The beauty of posting to Instagram is that it means Sasha has a constant feed of content that Ampjar can pull into her email campaigns.

This repurposing of content enables Poppy Lane to be in a few different places at once.

Essentially, Sasha uses social media to build brand awareness and funnels people to her mailing list. She then uses email marketing to drive sales, both online and offline.

Extending Poppy Lane’s Reach With Amplify

“I do love the hosting, the advertising. It just makes it a little less scary when you’re someone small like me and you’re not actually spending physical money on it and you can kind of use credits to dabble in the advertising part.”

Sasha has also tried out Ampjar’s latest product offering, Amplify. It enables her to collaborate with other relevant brands.

Her first attempt, for example, was with Lululemon, the fitness-wear brand. 

Amplify works by automatically including a description of each other’s brands in email newsletters. It means that you can tap into each other’s audiences, and expand your reach.

You also get paid in karma credits for hosting other brands in your email. Thanks to her great open rates, Sasha earned herself a lot of points to spend on advertising in the future.

She plans to save up some more karma credits, and then advertise with more brands in the near future.

Creating a fantastic experience for both retail and eCommerce customers

Thanks to Ampjar, Poppy Lane has been able to merge both its online and offline stores into one unforgettable experience.

Now that Sasha has settled into a rhythm with her email marketing, she hopes to start building her list even more, and using it to drive more sales.

She plans to use Amplify to expand her reach and tap into other audiences.

Above all, she wants to continue making Poppy Lane a fantastic experience for her visitors, whether they’re online or offline.

“I can put a post on Instagram and get, you know, 100 likes but not one sale on my website, whereas when I send out an email campaign, I can guarantee you that I’ll get sales from that.”


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