Who they are: Sassy Road

What they do: Sassy Road has been adding a splash of spice and style to the wardrobes of thousands of Australians over the past nine years. With an eye for great outfits and a talent for building a business, Sassy Road founder Moni Hood has turned her clothing store into a hot destination for tourists and residents in the surrounding area. Visitors to the brick and mortar store are delighted by the gorgeous selection of garments on display and the personalized style advice Moni provides. Day-in and day-out, Sassy Road is guided by their motto: “Everyone deserves to feel fabulous no matter their shape or size.”

Where in the world: Mt. Beauty, Victoria, Australia

Sassy Road’s Sassy Story

Moni Hood started Sassy Road just over nine years ago as a small retail store in Mt. Beauty, Victoria. Since its humble beginnings, Sassy Road has become a popular destination for tourists visiting the area due to Moni’s flair for personalized fashion advice. Visitors to the store are often overwhelmed with just how many pieces they fall in love with, and Moni helps customers sort through all their favorite pieces and turn them into a cohesive outfit. 

After customers from distant regions of Australia kept asking Moni if there was any way to get more Sassy Road swagger when they weren’t in the area, she decided to build an online presence for the brand. 


“We launched the online store just over 12 months ago because Sassy Road’s become really well known for being kind of a destination when people visit our area,” said Dowel, Head of Marketing at Sassy Road. “We had a lot of shoppers from Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, who were saying, ‘we love visiting your store,’ and they wanted access to our range when they weren’t visiting as well.” 

Now, Sassy Road ships their clothing across Australia, and even provides remote style advice from the famed fashionista at the helm. “We have people who ring up and say to Moni, ‘I’ve got a wedding coming up. Can you find me an outfit?’ And she’ll piece together something for them and send it to them,” said Dowel. 

In the few short years since it was founded, Sassy Road has become a brand loved across all of Australia for its diverse inventory that appeals to all ages and Moni Hood’s impeccable taste. 

Spreading the Sass with Ampjar Fast Emails 

Sassy Road focuses on three marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, and email. The brand has found that they reach current shoppers best with Facebook, they connect with new and younger shoppers on Instagram, and that they can attract quite a few new customers through email marketing with Ampjar.

At the start of their online marketing efforts, Sassy Road was using Mailchimp and had relegated email to the end of the priority list. They found that Mailchimp was difficult to use and didn’t produce good results, according to Dowel.

“I found it didn’t look as nice. You’d put an hour or two hours into putting together an email, and it still didn’t look really smooth and sleek. So, it kind of didn’t reflect the way our website looked.”

With Ampjar at their side, Sassy Road has been able to grow their email marketing efforts, and they hope to continue expanding them in the future. Sassy Road sees unique open rates as high as 41% and click-through rates as high as 22%.

“Now that we’ve got Ampjar, we want to start using it more often,” said Dowel. “At the moment, [we’re running emails] monthly. We want to be getting to fortnightly emails because it’s just so much quicker and easier to use than the platform we were using beforehand. It’s something that we weren’t doing [before], [but] we started doing, and we want to do more of.”

Ampjar also makes it easier for Sassy Road to see what’s working, and what isn’t. 

“I love being able to see where people are clicking in the email,” said Dowel. “It’s not just, ‘oh, we had clicks on these links.’ You can actually see: are they clicking the photo? Are they clicking the shopping button? Are they clicking straight through to our website or are they clicking just two specific products on our website?” 

By analyzing these results, Sassy Road can better tailor their future marketing endeavors to the shopping habits of their audience. 

The Sassy Road to Growth

Sassy Road has grown from a popular brick-and-mortar store into an online fashion force to be reckoned with. A portion of that growth has been accelerated by Ampjar’s personalized customer service.

“The personalized service [Ampjar] provides is amazing. You can call and you know you’re talking to a person who’s actually going to help you out. It’s not like sending emails that don’t get answered,” said Dowel. “[Kia] called me just to give me some tips on what we could improve on. You don’t have many brands these days — especially online platforms — that reach out to you like that.”

The brand’s website has only been online for a year or so, but they’ve already seen considerable growth thanks to Ampjar’s beautiful email templates. 

“It’s been live for a year, which is still very young and very early, and we still have a lot of work to do,” said Dowel. “When you are launching, you want to make your business look established, even in those early days. So, I think the old platform we used looked a bit amateur compared to Ampjar, where [everything] looks so sleek and great. I feel like people have more faith in us the better our emails look. It enables us to communicate with our customers more easily and regularly than before.”

Getting Sassy with Social

Sassy Road uses both Facebook and Instagram in their social media strategy. They’ve found that the image-sharing platform works better for attracting new customers, but Facebook works better for connecting with current fans. 

“It’s almost a different audience for each one,” said Dowel. “Our Facebook is more [for] our current shoppers and our regular shoppers. They absolutely love Facebook, and they’re very much engaged on that platform. Instagram has been a way for us to engage new shoppers, younger shoppers, and people who like online shopping.”

Instagram has performed exceedingly well both in getting people to order new clothing online and to come into the original brick and mortar store to try things on. According to Dowel, the brand has fans “who have literally traveled over an hour after they’ve seen an outfit on our Instagram and come into the store.”

Brands that have a solid Instagram tend to synergize well with Ampjar’s elegant email designs. The templates pull images from Instagram, making it easy for brands to bring the polish of their Instagram profile over to their emails. Clothing brands and other businesses that rely on visuals tend to do very well with Ampjar’s image-centric email designs. 

Sharing the Sass with the Ampjar Ad Community

As of now, Sassy Road hasn’t explored the potential of Ampjar’s Ad Community, but they hope to do so soon. 

“We’re looking into that now,” said Dowel. “It’s definitely something that we want to do. I think it’s such a cool platform, and it’s a great way to collaborate with other small businesses. It seems the brands in the Ampjar community  are very similar to us and [have] similar target markets.”

To Sassy and Beyond

So, what’s in the stars for Sassy Road? For one, the brand wants to start advertising with Adsense.

“Moni’s working with an agency to do some Google advertising,” said Dowel. “Hopefully that’ll be up and running in the next couple of weeks.”

In addition, Sassy Road wants to develop a more robust content marketing strategy to help bridge the gap between visiting their store in person and the digital shopping experience. 

“[Blogging] is something we need to start doing more of as well,” said Dowel. “So, kind of like a fortnightly blog post, so we can start including them in the emails too. [That way] we can replicate the style advice we give in-store and we can start [giving] more and more of it online. We’re trying to replicate [that service] as much as we can on a digital platform.”

Finally, Sassy Road wants to up their email game even further with Ampjar and send emails once every two weeks. 

With Ampjar’s personalized customer support and elegant email templates at their side, Sassy Road is sure to continue its path to super sass-dom and beyond. 



“When I trialed Ampjar, it was just so easy to use, and I loved the way it looks. I feel like it reflects the brand more than what I was able to do when I was using Mailchimp.”

Head of Marketing

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