As a self-confessed fitness and health food lover, I love sharing about all things healthy, fit and stylish on my blog, The Fit Foodie. Ampjar has been the perfect partner to help me to get in front of new followers and engage my existing audience. 

One of my favorite features of Ampjar is the matching process. When I joined I was matched with about 10 brands that I can shout out and 10 that I can be shouted out by. Then as Ampjar grows I get notified each week of new brands who have joined that might be a great fit and I can accept or decline and then we’re away! I can shout them out and they can shout me out. It’s so easy.


The Fit Foodie has experienced some pretty serious growth since I joined the Ampjar community. Through Ampjar alone in the last month, I’ve reached 1354 new readers and had 97 clicks to my site, without spending a cent. 



I owe this to Ampjar’s email shoutouts. I earn tons of karma credits every time I host other brands on my email newsletters. It’s an amazingly easy way to earn credits and an extremely rewarding way to show up for other amazing, high-quality brands. 

Conversely, I love getting in front of new audiences by advertising The Fit Foodie on other reputable brands’ email newsletters. Ampjar has exposed me to some serious hard hitters like renowned athleisure brand Lululemon, health clinic Bodhi & Co and baby product company Little Turtle Baby. While these brands clearly offer different things from The Fit Foodie, I love that Ampjar’s algorithm paired us up based on similar audience demographics. It’s a really smart way to expose the loyal customers of these amazing brands to my passion for fitness and well-being. 

The Numbers

Shoutout Activity

Channel How often per week Av. karma credits
earned per week
Social Shoutouts None yet 0
Email Shoutouts 2 309
Post-Checkout Shoutouts None yet 0

Weekly Results

The karma credits earned from the above shoutouts then turned into shoutouts from their matched brands and brought The Fit Foodie an average of 1,080 views and 44 visitors to their website each week.

Period Spend Views Website Visitors
One Week $0 1080 44

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