I started TopKnot Girl after I discovered a need for stylish and practical headwear. I had just given birth to a baby girl, and with a toddler in tow, I knew I didn’t have time to style my hair every day! I launched the brand with my husband, Nathan, in April 2014, with a small collection of just 12 pieces.

TopKnot Girl accessories are designed to be mixed and matched with any outfit – they go well with jeans, oversized jumpers, leggings and of course a practical and fun TopKnot hairstyle.

All of our headwear is handmade in a small studio on the NSW Mid North Coast. 

At TopKnot Girl, we are passionate about Headwear – we test styles, colours and materials to make sure they are comfortable, practical and durable for your styling needs. We also make sure to offer headwear to suit all sizes and ages, from newborn to adult. 

Being part of the Ampjar community has been a game changer for our business. Ampjar’s algorithm has matched us with incredible brands like baby products brand, Little Organics and home fragrance brand, Ollie & Ava. 

I love being able to see the ad creatives that are working best for us – this allows me to tailor our approach when creating new ads.

Approving brands is easy – for ‘share’ matches, I look through the Ampjar brand cards, and visit a brands Instagram page to learn more about what they offer. I can then jump straight into shouting these brands out through our emails and socials.

Similarly, for our ‘be shared’ matches, I look through the brand cards to understand more about who’s sharing the TopKnot Girl brand. I can also pick and choose brands that I feel are suited well for us. 

After I approve the ‘be shared’ matches, these brands shout out TopKnot Girl in their Instagram Stories, emails, and on their post-checkout pages. I love how quick the ROI is – I had a total reach of 5409 and 401 clicks in the last 30 days, without having to spend a single cent. That’s because I regularly shout out brands and earn karma credits that way.

The main way I earn karma credits is through social and email shoutouts. The email shout out process is similar to the social shout out – I simply pick a brand I feel fits well with our email content and tribe, then click on the images I want to add onto our email newsletters. They’re both great ways to introduce our audience to brands I think they’ll love.


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