Join a bonanza of shoutouts, shopping, and making new friends!

Discover More Week is about giving and receiving love through celebrating local businesses that matter.

📅 October 25 – 2 November

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What is Discover More Week?

Businesses shout each other out and get shouted out all week long! This will “Amp-up” your biz by getting you in front of loads of new people and more traffic to your website.

Everyone’s invited! Earn karma for sharing brands from the Ampjar community and beyond. Empower your customers to share you and others that they love.

📈 The Benefits

Rather than needing to go to Facebook or Google to try to buy traffic, Discover More Week is entirely FREE.

1️⃣ Get featured in The Gift Guide and be shared with tens of thousands of consumers across different channels
2️⃣ Get hundreds of new potential customers visiting your site
3️⃣ Meet interesting business owners for potential collabs
4️⃣ Grow your following on Instagram organically
5️⃣ Share interesting small businesses with your followers
6️⃣ Rally your followers to #supportlocal

📣 How Discover More Week works


Claim your spot

Log in to Ampjar and click on the ‘Events’ tab to join Discover More Week.



Share your favorite businesses

Share products and services from the Ampjar community and beyond on your Stories. Rally your customers to share their favourite local businesses. 


… And they’ll share your business in return

The more brands you share on Instagram Stories, the more your business will be shared. It’s a win-win!


📝 The Checklist

✅ Invite your best business friends to join the community. Refer them in and earn $


✅ Know how to confirm a shoutout on Ampjar


✅ Download stunning IG story covers for yourself and your customers

Use Templates in Canva / Download from Google Drive

✅ Make sure you have plenty of karma going into the event


❓ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join Discover More Week?

    You’ll have to a) be a member of Ampjar, and b) save your spot within Ampjar events. A maximum of 100 curated brands will take part. We’re putting in tons of time into getting brands together for the event. Capping the number of participating brands will allow us to ensure maximum visibility for participating brands.

  • Do I have to create an Ampjar account to participate?

    Yes. Creating a free account with Ampjar will ensure that you’re instantly connected to other brands who want to shout you out and be shouted out by you. We also ensure that whatever you give in terms of shoutouts is what you get back in return.

    Our founding member program closes on 31 July, after which we’ll transition to paid membership. Subscribe for the founding member program before 31 July to get Ampjar free forever.

    The social shoutouts done during Discover More Week count toward your 12 shoutouts for the month.

    Lifting up other brands is always a good idea, Ampjar makes it even better.

  • How do I know who's participating?

    Participating brands will be located on Ampjar and will easily be able to find each other through the event filter.

    You can search up the participating brands that are a part of Discover More Week by filtering the Community page by the Discover More Week event.

  • Can I earn karma for sharing brands outside of the Ampjar community?

    We occasionally give members the option to share non-member brands and earn karma through our non-member panel. Just for Discover More Week, our non-member panel is switched on for all users – which means you can share as many non-member brands as you’d like and earn unlimited karma!

  • How do I do a shoutout?

    We’ll connect you with other small businesses that are complementary to your brand and talk to the same kinds of customers. We’ll show you some content that you can share or you can pick something from their Instagram.

    You’ll share lots of brands on your instagram stories, tag them and then confirm them in the Ampjar dashboard. For every shoutout you do you’ll earn karma, which will allow you to be shouted out in return. Click here to learn how to do a shoutout.

    We don’t post on Instagram on your behalf — you’ll need to make sure you post on the story and then hit ‘Confirm’ on the Ampjar dashboard.

  • How many brands should I shoutout each day?

    This is really up to you. Shout out as many of your matched brands as you like. The more you share the more you’ll be shared in return.

    We recommend sharing 1-2 brands per day for the entire week.

    We suggest clustering shoutouts and posting some in the am and some in pm, they all need to be individual story shoutouts, but try posting a few at the same time. Posting over breakfast or watching Netflix on the couch, you’re in charge so it’s up to you!

    We will post a leaderboard on @ampjar daily. One winner daily will receive a $50 gift card to be spent at any Ampjar community member’s online store.

  • What do I get in return for shouting another brand out?

    You’ll earn karma based on how many people saw and clicked on your shout out. The karma are then used to reward other people for shouting you out. The more you share the more you’ll be shared in return.

  • Will I get credits for shouting on brands NOT on Ampjar?

    No you won’t. We love businesses that share other businesses naturally as part of how they communicate with their customers, but we can only reward/credit you for shouting out other Ampjar members. Let us know if there’s someone you wish was on Ampjar and we’ll invite them in!

  • Can you guarantee me a certain number of new customers?

    As with any marketing channel, no we cannot. We can say that the more shoutouts you do, the more karma credits you’ll earn. Which means other brands will be able to share you – whatever you give is what you get back in return!

    So get out there and shout out some other brands and you’ll quickly see how well this all works for bringing you well-targeted customers who shop with businesses like yours.

  • Ampjar - what's that?

    The event is run by Ampjar, the Karmic Advertising Community that brings brands together to shout each other out and drives thousands of customers between small businesses every week.

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