How we can best support you.


In early March, we announced that Ampjar would be free until the 1st of July, due to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation. The messages of support we received from hundreds of you were incredible, and our community has grown stronger since.

The outlook for small businesses remains uncertain. We understand the unprecedented challenges our community members face.

Our team has agonized about how best to support you and keep strengthening the Ampjar community. What started as a tough year for the world, is turning into the year of change. That is why our team is excited to announce what’s next at Ampjar.

The first 500 members of our community now enjoy Founding Member status.

Ampjar is now free for founding members. Forever.

All Founding Members have to do is shout out 3 brands a week to keep it free. Otherwise, it’s US$22 per month.

So when they shout out brands and lift each other up, it’s free. This is what the world needs now.

Whenever you shout out one of your matched brands, you’ll get shouted out in return. Shout outs = views and traffic. 🎉

The new pricing plan kicks in on the 1st of July 2020.

Read the (very simple) small print here.

Our Founding Member program is designed especially for those that have supported each other through the tough times, and we’re incredibly excited to give it to you.

Our commitment to you

Brands thrive when they help each other out. To ensure you’re shouting out and getting shouted out by quality brands, we’ve kept our community tightly curated over the last 6 months. On average, we accept only 28% of all applications.

At the time of writing we have 419 Founding Members who use Ampjar for free and have many great stories about how it is working for them. If you know another founder or brand who would benefit the community and could get some great success out of being a part of it, then please send them our way.