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Ampjar can captivate your customers with inspiring campaigns created with your social media content. We help you get more bookings through amplifying your brand.

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Why coaches love Ampjar

We help you meet like-minded brands

Interested in other brands that get your space? We’ve got your back. We understand that eCommerce is all about finding the right audience at the right time. And the best way to do that is by collaborating with brands your best customers already know and love.

We know how much effort you put into all social media content

Showcasing your services for social feeds is critical to creating wonderful conversations around your personal brand. We want to help you take this carefully curated content to the next level by switching on powerful campaigns with it.

We get that email shouldn’t be rocket science

Emails, ads, social feeds – it’s all a bit time consuming if you stick to the regular service providers. We help you cut to the chase and mix it up in one place – all in a few seconds to send each campaign. You do you and we’ll take care of the rest!

Growth Insights

Hear from our people

We don’t want to brag, but our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Zana Bobby Stitch

“I love Amplify because you can connect with like minded businesses. It enables you to extend your reach and connect with businesses with similar target audiences. I love that it also works both ways, you can apply to put another businesses ad in your campaign as well as accept who you advertise in your campaign.”

Zana | Founder – Bobby Stitch

Alana Just Ray Baby

“What I really like about Ampjar is how quick & easy it is. Creating an email campaign takes about 5 minutes of my time and they look so professional! I’m really enjoying their new Amplify feature – it’s such an easy way to collaborate with another brand and have your content seen by a wider audience. I would absolutely recommend Ampjar to anyone.”

Alana | Founder – Just Ray Baby

“I’ve found Amplify to be great, you can make sure the content ties in perfectly with your brand so it’s subtle but effective in the way it’s delivered. It’s also a really lovely way to ignite a sense of community between brands!”

Melanie | Founder – My Little Kitchen

“I work in a visual industry and always found my email marketing was too wordy & boring with my previous CRM. Ampjar has completely changed my marketing from how often & what content l send. I love how it prompts you with recent Instagram posts, and from that l can build a beautiful campaign that also includes real time messages.”

Jessica Dwyer |  Right at Home Staging 

Bree Heather

“Ampjar has really helped me tap into my email list and create my own little community. I have focused so much of my time and effort on social media when the whole time I had all of these wonderful people sitting there on my contact list… now I never hesitate to push the send button.”

Bree Heather |  Swoodi 

Prior to signing up with Ampjar, my email marketing campaigns were sporadic at best. Ampjar has enabled me to set up a system to keep in touch with my subscribers on a regular basis, and helped me generate sales in the process.”

Em Clohesy | Happy Hands Happy Heart

Happy Hands Happy Heart Logo




Ola Digital

“We have had double the success of Mailchimp using Ampjar and have had 5 sales since the campaign went out and we are located in a small town in regional QLD!”

Yiota Athousis |  OLA Digital 

“Ampjar is just like working out with a personal trainer – all the planning and thinking has been taken care of for you! I love that I open up a new email template and it’s already populated with timely and relevant content, ready to be sent to my subscribers. Too easy!”

Sonia Bavistock |  Sonia Styling 

Sonia Styling logo

Shall We Social Hero

“Ampjar allows me to quickly re-purpose the content that I’m already creating and has ensured that I have communicated with my email list, without fail, every fortnight since. Thanks for making email simple.”

Kryshla Salaris |  Shall We Social 

Shall We Social Logo

Campaign Inspiration

Coach: Jessica Dwyer

Coach: Sonia Bavistock

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Set up your account

Simply add your basic details, connect to instagram, get involved with your Amplify
dashboard, add your subscribers lists, and you’re in.


Create campaigns

Campaigns – whether through other brands or to your own subscriber list – are at the heart of how Ampjar empower you to find the best audience.


Connect with other brands

Advertise with awesome, complementary brands to easily reach people already interested in services like yours, or host ads for other brands and earn Ampjar credits to withdraw as cash or add to your own campaign spends.


Automate email campaigns

Stop wasting hours on email campaigns to your subscribers when you’ve already done the heavy lifting for shout outs on social media. Switch on Ampjar’s campaign automation settings and sit back to enjoy all incoming campaign stats.

How it works

Reach engaged audiences interested in you

Run ads with other complementary brands in large and niche markets.

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