Integrating Ampjar with
Constant Contact

If you’ve set up your database, website syncing and transactional emails to come from Constant Contact then we recognise the pain of letting go and making a complete change. So we’ve made it easy to get the best of both worlds, keeping the comfort of Constant Contact while you get the brilliance of Ampjar.

The best
of both

Build and Send

Have Ampjar build your emails for you so you never create an email from scratch again AND choose to send it out through Constant Contact.

We’ll handle it

Don’t even get your hands dirty. Just tick a box and Ampjar will wrap up your email, push it to Constant Contact and instruct Constant Contact to send it without you doing a thing!

Don’t rock the boat

Keep all your contacts, your database integrations, your reporting and everything else you spent days setting up – inside Constant Contact.

Full Ad Community Experience

Still be a part of Ampjar’s Ad Communities, still earn money for hosting ads, still grow your audience by placing ads into other brand’s emails.

Connect Constant Contact to Ampjar in less than 60 seconds

Building emails Use Ampjar to build emails in seconds
Storing my database Keep Constant Contact's CRM
Templates Explore Ampjar's growing list of free, editable email templates
Reporting Keep all your reporting inside Constant Contact for easy management
Ad Community Get full access to host ads and advertise in other brand’s emails

Easy, one-click actions to go live!

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