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Today’s smartest brands put time and effort into creating, sharing and supporting social content that drives more than just likes. We know what content is most popular with your customers because they engage with what they like. At Ampjar we believe that rather than reinventing new content for your emails, you can power your emails with the content that we know your customers will want to see. That’s why we pre-build your emails for you using your most popular Instagram content. You can remove and add in content to make your campaigns even better, but you’ll never start with a blank email.

Powering your

perfect emails

Share what works

Have Ampjar build your emails for you using your most popular Instagram content.  You’ll never create an email from scratch again. 

Save so much time

Never start with a blank email telling you to fill it out. Let our software save you hours every week by populating your campaign with imagery, captions, buttons and links.

Edit in minutes

Change any piece of content in one click and pull in other Instagram content or any other image or gif that you choose. Changing captions, links and buttons is just as easy.

Selling is only part of the story

Use your emails to sell, but also use your Instagram content to tell stories, create relationships, build trust and sell more.

Connect Instagram to Ampjar in one click

Building emails Use Ampjar to build your emails for you using your Instagram content
Smart and timely emails Emails will only feature the images that we know your customers will love
Easy to edit Change templates, images, captions and more in a few easy clicks
Built in seconds We pull together your emails whenever you like, just click and watch the magic happen
API Partner Ampjar is an approved API Partner of Instagram

Connect then sit back and watch the magic happen

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