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What you can expect from Ampjar

Awesome brands ready to go

Ampjar matches you with brands based on profiles of their customers and who you’ve told us are the customers that you want. It’s never been easier to team up and be strong together.

Ads built for you – instantly!

Ampjar builds your ads for you using your most popular content from Instagram and from your email newsletters. No more guessing what’ll work, and running 48 split tests to find out!

Reach customers based on values

Your customers aren’t defined by their favorite TV shows and where they live. For brands with purpose like yours, we help you find customers that really care about authentic brands.

What you give is what you get

You don’t just need to keep paying and paying every day for more ads, with Ampjar what you give is what you get. You shout a brand out to your customers, someone else is going to shout you out.


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Check out our case study on how eCommerce store Little Printables uses shoutouts to drive new visitors she wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere!


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