Ampjar: the perfect Mailchimp alternative – create emails in minutes, not hours.


So you set up Mailchimp hoping it would solve all your email marketing problems but still don’t enjoy the process of creating and sending emails? Don’t worry, we built Ampjar because we were looking for a Mailchimp alternative, too!

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Ampjar has a new way to help 

No more blank campaigns

We build your emails for you using your most popular content from Instagram, so you never start with a blank campaign.

Beautiful templates that don’t cost extra

We have email templates pre-built for you that you can customise or use ‘right out of the box’ as they are.


Built-in spam beaters

Our campaigns are built to ensure that your message gets to your customers every time. No more needing to read up about how to build campaigns that will get through.

Content that gets clicks

Because we build your campaigns using your best social content, we know what your customers want to see. Send content that is going to get them clicking to head to your site.

Feature comparisons

Compare Ampjar MailChimp
Sign up and store your customers
Protects your data to the highest degree
Send welcome emails to your new subscribers
Automatic campaign builder
Average build time 5-8 mins 3-5 hours
No extra charge for multiple email templates
Co-marketing partnerships with other brands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you choose the content to go into my email campaign?

    We use our own special math to calculate the content from your Instagram channel that would do the best job in your emails. If there’s something that you want to move higher up or lower down in your email, or something that our super smart software missed, then you can import it in a couple of clicks.

  • How much can I change what you create for me?

    You can change the campaign as much or as little as you like! We’ll send you a message 48 hours before your campaign is due to send. You can then jump in and check out the campaign we created for you and click ‘approve to send’. Or you can spend some extra time changing the template design, updating the content, individualising the button text, changing button/background/text colour and so much more. Either way the average time taken to edit a campaign is less than 5 minutes.

  • How often should I send campaigns out?

    The annoying answer is that it depends. You might find that weekly or every two weeks works best for you. We wouldn’t recommend any less often because you won’t get through enough. The good news is that you’re going to be building awesome emails in a fraction of the time and you customers will LOVE these emails, because you’re not just hard selling to them, but instead bringing the best of social into email.

  • What's the best day and time to send out my emails?

    Don’t hate us for this, but it depends. There’s no one perfect time. Just think about your customer, when would they be most likely to be ready to open and email and maybe buy something from you? Do they work? Do they have young kids? When do you get the most traffic to your website? Your perfect send time will be unique to you and your customers. Send us a message if you’d like some help on this though and we can work it out with you.

  • Do you send my email campaigns out for me?

    Yes we do it all for you including sending it from our own nicely warmed up domains, so you don’t have to worry about your campaign not getting through. It’ll show up with your chosen ‘from name’ so your customer’s experience is seamless and perfect!