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Read on to learn more about our partnership programs, and view examples of past and ongoing partnerships.

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Why work with Ampjar

  • Engage your community with the trailblazers of karmic advertising, through unique content and exclusive promotions
  • Align yourself with hundreds of high-quality, independent brands who are driven to grow their business
  • Get exposure to our curated and engaged community to share your messaging.

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“Working with Ampjar has been super beneficial on both ends. I’ve been able to help other brands in my circles, and they’ve helped me out too! I’ve created my own network of brands within Ampjar, and we’re learning and growing within the platform together!”


TopKnot Girl + TopKnot Girl Marketplace

Partnership Mechanics

We focus on longer-term (rather than once off) partnerships. Whether it’s getting our CEO to join a podcast or providing custom landing pages, we put in 100% to make things work.

Partnerships may include:

  • Karmic advertising webinars
  • Affiliate partnerships
  • Creating or cross-sharing blog/socials content
  • Guest podcasts/webinars
  • Giveaways
  • Special offers

Exclusive Share-a-thons

Share-a-thons are a core part of Ampjar partnerships. A share-a-thon is a 1 or 2 day sharing event that can help your community’s brands grow exponentially through shoutouts on Instagram stories.

In a typical share-a-thon, 100 shout outs between 10 community members has been proven to drive $6000 in revenue for participating brands.

Community tag on Ampjar

Engage Your Community

As an Ampjar partner, you get an easy way to add value to your community 24/7.


Once your community members join Ampjar, they can easily identify and shout each other out. This keeps your community engaged, and your brand top of mind.

We Believe In Shopping Small

“Every time you buy something from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.”

Truly authentic brands achieve something unique in marketing, they build human relationships with their customers.

At Ampjar we help brands to reach new customers and have more genuine conversations with their customers every day.


How it Works


Send your custom signup link to a brand that you’d like to see in the Ampjar community.

When they sign up from your custom link and subscribe to a plan, you earn $25. The brand you referred also gets the same amount in Karma Credits.

Just by sharing Ampjar on Instagram Stories, our partners refer an average of 20 brands at one go.

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At Ampjar, we partner with small business leaders, communities, event organizers, and agencies that align with our vision. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

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