The Return on Investment of Ampjar



Return on Investment, or ROI, is understanding what value you get from what you spend on a channel.

With Ampjar, you get 829 views and 23 visitors to your website for every dollar spent. Let us show you how.

Ampjar’s model, where each member earns credits as well as spending them, differs from normal advertising models.

In normal advertising models, one company controls everything, like Facebook or Google, or a magazine publisher. In those models you can say ‘I spent $1,000 and reached 12,000 people and got 136 site visitors’ or ‘I spent $1,000 and made 36 sales’.

You assess your ROI from how much money and time you put in to get views and traffic, or sales.

Other channels of marketing can be harder to calculate than paid advertising. For instance in email marketing you don’t pay to reach your customers. The cost of reaching your audience is: the cost to use your email marketing platform + the time it takes you to build the emails.

Ampjar’s model is based around karma: what you give is what you get back in return.

With Ampjar, there isn’t the need to constantly spend money on advertising as there is in Facebook or Google, though boosting will increase your return on investment.

We’ve also intentionally made shout outs a wholly positive experience. You’re not dropping ads into your channels that sell insurance or gambling or something else that may feel disingenuous.

We’re incredibly protective of our community and ensure that each member brand is the kind of brand you want to shout out, that have great content and wholesome stories.


ROI of Ampjar

We’ve analysed the optimal behaviour in Ampjar across hundreds of brands and thousands of shout outs. We’ve based these calculations on a member that has 8,000 social followers, 4,000 email subscribers and makes 15 sales per day.

More activity brings more results but we’re conscious of how much brands can and should share. We’ve designed the following pattern of shout outs in line with the typical marketing of a brand this size.

The way to get the highest possible ROI is to shout brands out:

  • Daily (Monday-Friday) on social channels,
  • Once a week in your email campaigns; and
  • Set up post-checkout shout outs.


With this level of activity, a brand can expect to earn approximately the following number of karma credits each month:


Social Shoutouts One per day Monday-Friday 1,260
Email Shoutouts One per week 4,200
Post-checkout Shoutouts 15 sales/day 4,725


We also recommend a brand boosts on average once a month when they have something that they want to bring attention to. Boosting costs money but increases your return on investment. For clarity we haven’t included any boosts in this example.


The Calculation

The total spend is the $US22 it costs to be a member of the Ampjar community for one month.

Based on real data from our community, the above earned 10,185 karma credits will bring approx: 18,231 views and 509 visitors to your website.

These are all from targeted customers based on the dream customer profile you told us when you joined. Each view and click also comes with a recommendation from a brand that they love.

$22 10,185 18,231 Views  &  509 Website Visitors


For every dollar spent, Ampjar will bring you 829 views and 23 visitors to your website.


Founding Members

For our Founding Members, the calculation is different. Founding Members don’t pay membership as long as they do 3 shout outs a week. So If the above example was a Founding Member, they’d be getting 18,231 Views and 509 Website Visitors each month for $0 spent.


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