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We all trust personal recommendations a lot more than
an influencer’s affiliate link.

Shortlist helps you curate lists of your most trusted businesses and champion the ones you care about with your social presence.

Why Shortlist?

There’s no limit to who or what you can Shortlist! Maybe you’ve just renovated your home and discovered some amazing brands along the way, or you’ve got a to-do list of your fave cafes, restaurants, bars, date night spots, or places to shop.

Perhaps you’re a parent with a pram full of brands you’ve discovered, or have a list of ‘gotta-have-it’s’ in your make up bag, or ‘can’t live without its’ in your outdoor adventure kit.

Why keep them secret or wait for someone to say
‘Hey, where’d you get that cool…..?’

Now, you can tell the whole world about ALL your favorite businesses with Shortlist!

Create and Share lists of businesses you LOVE and be part of the small biz revolution!

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