Join an exclusive sharing event with other awesome brands

Our ‘shoutout parties’ are thematic sharing events with Ampjar community members.

Grow exponentially through social shoutouts from other brands in your shoutout party.

Why join a shoutout party?

The idea behind the sharing event is that you, and everyone else invited will all shout out everyone within a 2 day period in a fun filled explosion of social shoutout love.

There’s no cost to take part, it’s nothing too complicated. It’s all about brands lifting each other up to share some small biz love!

How do shoutout parties work?

Ampjar matches you with brands that have a similar audience as you. In shoutout parties, we match you with specific brands with a particular aesthetic, in a similar category, or in a shared community.

1. We identify a group of brands and share how you fit in to that group.

2. We fix a date for sharing these brands.

3. We send out a full list 48 hours out from the shoutout window.

4. Get creative and shout out brands in the shoutout party.

5. Reach thousands of new customers in a span of 2 days.

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