We help businesses grow through Karmic Marketing

Our singular purpose? Helping brands lift each other up in an authentic manner.


The Ampjar team has a track record of partnering with leading communities to share the karmic marketing message.

Now, we’re looking for partners who share in our mission.

Peter Davis, CEO of Ampjar, is a marketing and social media expert who built his own agency that launched, built and managed the social media presences of major brands.

A huge believer in the small business movement, Pete has spent the last 3 years building a community where brands thrive together through meaningful, joyful and rewarding relationships.

Pete has spoken on topics such as karmic marketing, small business growth, and collaborations.

💡 What is Karmic Marketing?

Karmic marketing is a new form of brand to brand marketing with aligned goals. It means showing up for other brands in a responsible and authentic way. What you give is what you get – you get value back after doing things for others. It can involve just two brands but typically involves a network of brands working together (see the GIF on the left!)

💻 Webinars

Our signature Karmic Marketing webinar teaches brands how to grow their audience in an authentic and cost-effective manner. We co-host with community leaders to spark interesting insights and ideas.


🎥 Live Sessions

Watch our partnership announcement + product demo with small business thought leader, Baily Hancock here. Watch Pete share the Ampjar story on stage at LAUNCH festival in Sydney here

🎤 Podcasts

Hear how Pete discovered an opportunity for brands to share each others’ content authentically, through his experience running an ad agency. Learn more about the Ampjar story in this Voyage LA interview.

Check out a snippet from Pete’s interview on the MageTalk Magento podcast:

What does Ampjar do differently?

Our platform is popular among small business communities in the US and Australia. We love working with like-minded communities who believe that strong = small.

  • Karmic advertising means you can start shouting out other brands and get shouted out in return
  • High ROI advertising that doesn’t eat up ad spend the same way Facebook or Google does
  • Discover and get matched with other authentic brands and leverage their audience
  • One easy to use platform that requires no marketing knowledge

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At Ampjar, we partner with small business leaders, communities, event organizers, and agencies that align with our vision. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

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