Masterclass – How to get shouted out more! (and fast!)

Pete Davis

CEO, Ampjar

1 Jul, 2020

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The fundamental idea of Ampjar is that when you shout out other brands you earn karma and will be shouted out by brands in return. But how do you ensure that you’re getting shouted out quickly?

We’ve seen trends of brands that run hot in Ampjar, that everyone wants to shout out. So what’s the story and how do you ensure that you’re the next brand who is everyone’s pick?

There are three parts to this:

  • you need to really understand the community page
  • you need to have content that others’ want to share; and
  • you can always reach out first

Let’s dig into each of them and show you how to run hot!

Community is key

Our community page allows you access to every single brand on the Ampjar platform. You want to use it to your advantage.

Shouting out brands that are new is a great way to use the system. New brands are just starting to learn the system so when they get a shout out right away it helps them to get started in shoutouts. Many of our new members also love returning the favor. If a brand shouts you out that has a similar vibe to you, it’s a great idea to shout them out in return!

You can search by categories on this page. We have around 800 members on our platform so this is a great way to narrow down who you’re in the mood to shoutout that day.

Giving shoutouts is key to receiving shoutouts, this is how you earn karma. Remember, if you aren’t doing any shoutouts you won’t be shouted out in return.


You need to have content that others’ want to share

When you shout a brand out you can choose to use one of their ads, or pick something from their Instagram feed.

…and certain content can be a lot more shareable than others.



Think about your own experience – when you choose a brand to shout out, why do you choose them? A big element can be the content that a brand puts forward to be shouted out.

Even if you don’t choose one of those pieces of content, it’s that mix of content that made you want to go and choose something from that brands

Now take a look at the different brands inside our community. See a lot of fashion-forward brands? Then double-down on that and go fashion-forward with your ads.

Think about having ads that appeal to different types of audiences, or at least think of content with broad appeal. Again they may not choose to share that exact image but it’ll draw them in to go and check out your feed and share something from there. We recommend creating at least 4-5 different types of ads.

It seems obvious to say but you need to have live ads to get picked out, so keep an eye on your ads, if you set an expiry, set it, and don’t forget about it and check in on your ads every couple of weeks or so.


You can always reach out first

One of the best ways to get shouted out is to shout someone else out first. We see it quite often where one brand is shouted out and then pretty immediately shouts that brand out in return.



If you want to get shouted out then try it out. Shout someone out on stories, you’ll earn karma and will be shouted out more. You’ll find that you may just get shouted out immediately in return!

So to wrap up:

  1. Make sure you’ve got karma in your account.
  2. Make sure you’ve got ads live and make sure they’re good ads with real appeal.
  3. Go and start a chain reaction by shouting out some of your brands.

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