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The 15 Top Fitness Influencers (+ How They Self-Promote)

Influencer marketing is big business. With 17% of companies allocating marketing budget towards influencer marketing, there’s never been a better time to up your game and make the jump from Instagram user to fitness influencer. However, as more and more brands compete for

Quincy Smith

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How to Edit Vertical Video for Instagram and IGTV

Video is not new to Instagram – with Stories being released in 2016, most users are familiar with creating longer-form content to engage with their followers. However, with the introduction of IGTV in 2018, users can now upload even longer videos (up to

Quincy Smith


How to Get Sponsors on Instagram From Day One

It’s an open secret that costs for advertising into Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads are skyrocketing. With more advertisers going on board and ad space stagnating, brands are looking into alternative ways to grow their audience. Sponsored posts on Instagram are a huge,

Roslyn Teng

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How to Start a Fitness Instagram [Step by Step Guide]

Starting (and running) a fitness Instagram is no easy task. It involves dedication, being a pro at finding the perfect lighting in any situation and keeping content fresh and relevant (even when you’re not feeling so fresh).   Picture this, you’re feeling pretty

Quincy Smith

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125 of the Best Fitness Hashtags [+ Our 25 Favorites]

There’s no doubt that the health and fitness world has been changed by Instagram. The ways we get health and fitness information, inspiration, and motivation have changed drastically over the last decade and scrolling Instagram has replaced chatting with a trainer or coach.

Quincy Smith

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How to Create an Awesome Instagram Fitness Bio

343 million. That’s how many posts there are under the hashtag #fitness on Instagram as of right now. With so much competition out there in the fitness space, how are you supposed to cut through the noise and grow your following? Here’s how:

Quincy Smith

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