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A lady weighing Instagram versus Gmail Marketing

Why Email Will Always Beat Social Media

When you’re running a small business, both your marketing budget and your time are finite. Sometimes, it makes sense to focus your efforts on one specific marketing channel rather than several, but that begs the question: which is better, email marketing or social

Matt Moran


60 Instagram Small Business Hashtags For Entrepreneurs

Instagram tends to be synonymous with artists, models, chefs, and photographers – pretty much any industry that thrives on imagery. But that doesn’t mean your small business account can’t succeed on the platform if it falls outside of those categories. In fact, we

Britt Riley


Affiliate Email Marketing: Passive Income Through Personalization

When most people think of affiliate marketing, they think blogs, YouTube, and social media. However, there’s an often overlooked marketing channel that gets far less attention but is no less viable: email.  Although email marketing is often overshadowed with social media marketing, it’s

Phil Grossman

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40 Email Marketing Statistics that Are Shaping the Future

Email marketing has been the ‘bread and butter’ of marketing campaigns for decades now and is still driving an ROI of 38:1. However, that’s not to say it hasn’t changed over time – the way businesses and consumers interact over email is constantly

Matt Moran

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