19 of Our Favorite Health, Wellness, and Fitness Brands Dominating the Industry

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Simone Dowel, Sassy Road
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8 Apr, 2020

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We love brands at Ampjar. In fact – part of our mission is to help business owners manage and market their brands, build loyal customers, and ultimately increase their revenue.

So naturally, we geek out when we notice brands organically owning their space and outdoing the competition – which is definitely what it takes in saturated markets. We can’t help but analyze their processes, ogle over their content and design choices, and marvel at how well they’ve developed an understanding of their audience desires and then totally DELIVER.

Some brands are just natural case-studies for how to behave in their space. And since we prefer showing over telling, we created a series featuring our personal favorite brands – and break down everything they’re doing right! 

This is the second post of the series – you can check out the first on kids and baby brands here.

If you have a health, wellness, or fitness brand you’re trying to grow – you won’t want to miss this post!  Or, if your brand is in a totally different space but you’ve admired a yoga brand, food brand in your time, then keep reading to learn some of what they do so well. 

Brands making gains in the health, wellness, and fitness space

That’s a mouthful, huh?

Although they’re in the same realm, we get that there’s plenty of nuance and a million paths you could branch off to in these industries (and trust us – people have). To make things easier, we’ll be narrowing our picks to what we noticed to be the top trending products or service – of each industry.

Let’s get started!

Activewear and fitness products


It’s hard not to love Nimble – they do such a great job of highlighting their product AND making you feel pumped to work out, things that are definitely easier said than done.

Their Instagram is just a recipe for success because it’s packed full of content intended to inspire and, well…sell their product. Their feed has a really interesting combination of content that bounces between lifestyle and catalogue photos so you can get a good feel for their collection and see how the gear performs when in use. (Plus, did we mention it’s shoppable?)

And it only gets better from there – their website has a ton more reasons to love them. We like their story (remember that users tend to prefer people over faceless brands) because it’s absolutely adorable and totally relatable. They’re also all about sustainability and a lot of their fabric is made from RECYCLED material. But our favorite thing? They have a public Spotify full of energy amping tunes for you to work out to.


You can tell that Avomuse is on top of their marketing by looking at their Instagram page. It seems simple, but by saying “By women for women”, they’re specifically calling out their target demographic and excluding everyone else (something top marketers have been known to do for years).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Once you hit the meat of the page you’ll notice a combination of serious marketing images and casual, playful images of the product in use. That style perfectly embodies their brand, which is on even more display at their website.

It’s unapologetically bold, chic, and clean. It’s obvious that Avomuse is all about empowering women, but if that wasn’t clear, their About Us section spells it out (along with dishing about their environmentally friendly manufacturing process while maintaining quality fibers). What’s not to love?

Electric Yoga

Talk.👏🏼 About.👏🏼 Disrupting.👏🏼 The👏🏼. Status.👏🏼 Quo.👏🏼

There’s not a bland, cookie-cutter image in sight on Electric Yoga’s feed. In fact, they even go so far as to mix up the content layout for another element of cool, on-brand design to keep the feed interesting.

Here’s an actual quote from one of our teammates:

“Found this brand before and I just love how colorful they are and how eccentric and eclectic their vibe is on their feed. I’m a person who loves color (but mostly wears black or gray lol) and I’d love to wear some color working out with this brand”

Naturally, their site is just as awesome! It’s suuuper shoppable. Anyone who’s ever bought clothes online knows how precarious that can be, so we absolutely love the product rollover that shows different angles and fits of the pieces. Get this though – they even have a blog section chock-full of helpful information for the type of women who shop with them (and it’s really empowering, too. 😊).


I bet you didn’t know you needed workout socks, but you won’t be going back to bare feet after you check out MoveActive. Their product is “grippy” socks for Yoga and Pilates and they’re super functional and super adorable. You get to see the product in action on their Instagram feed, but more than that – you can see them totally OWNING this space. There’s something almost artistic about their content and the way they arrange it.

The site is super clean and organized (it even has a section for unisex socks). And they make it easy to learn more about the Move Active brand with their blog and Newsletter signup. But even the little details aren’t missed – like the payment acceptance icons, which we think adds just that much more credibility.

Active Truth

Active Truth’s top priority is inclusivity and we LOVE it! They have a full range of sizes and they proudly display models of all body types – something that’s a bit uncommon in this industry. They also choose to showcase their products in less of a traditional catalogue way, instead opting for fun, candid images of a range of real women. They even have a maternity wear Instagram, too.

Their website is incredibly organized and easy to navigate, but our favorite part is the reviews. Again – online shopping for apparel can be iffy, which is why proudly displaying so many reviews on all of their products gives shoppers confidence that Active Truth will work for them. They even highlight their best sellers and items that are low in stock.


Versalifts has an incredibly solid fitness Instagram feed. Since you can’t really see shoe lifts in action, it’s obviously not feasible to just post a bunch of pictures of the lifts sitting there. Instead, they focus on educating their followers on the types of exercises they can do WITH the lifts – including full workouts. We also think the color palette is on-point, too.

Their website – again, we can’t iterate enough how helpful it is to display those payment icons. The other thing you’ll notice though, is that Versalift’s web content shows that the product is kind of a ‘for everyone” item. It’s not just huge bodybuilders or Olympic athletes, but every day men and women having fun and improving their strength.

Oh – and they have a whole section about the lifts themselves and all the ways (there’s more than you think) they’ll benefit your workout.


Mirror has a really deliberate content strategy of themed pillars on their Instagram page, and they all work together to tell the brand’s story. Their content is basically all testimonials, shots of the Mirror in action, and empowering images of people working out. It’s so well done that the product is practically selling itself before you even get to the website – but if you do, it’s even better.

Immediately you’ll be greeted with a full-size video of the mirror in action, and then lead further down a sales pipeline as you continue down the page. Mirror does this with such finesse that most people wouldn’t even notice. Brilliant.  If you want to know how to sell with a website, this is it.

Kudos, Mirror. 👏🏼

Food and treats


Beam is a CBD brand that offers solutions for pain and inflammation. While it’s gone pretty mainstream, CBD still makes some people uncomfortable to talk about even though it’s not the part of cannabis that folks take recreationally. People don’t know that though, and Beam does an excellent job of educating people about the benefits of their product while quelling fears or confusion.

What’s great about their Instagram account is that (aside from it’s airy and comfy color palette) their content does a really good job of positioning themselves as a wellness brand and leader in the industry. In fact, their content does a really good job at…everything! It’s obvious the photos are well thought out and meticulously planned. 

Their stories though are the stuff of legends! They’re packed with AMAZING content: press features, education, and of course behind-the-scenes stuff. They even have a couple episodes for IGTV!

Not to be outdone, Beam’s website is everything you’d expect it to be. A continued push for education, a blog featuring interviews from high-impact athletes, and a focus on health and wellness.


Can we objectively agree Almo has a really creative, refreshing, and great looking feed?

From top to bottom the Almo Instagram page is working 100% to market their product and it shows. They’re using the bio space brilliantly to both highlight their accolades and give followers a snapshot of their milk’s benefits. Their stories are nothing to laugh at either. They’re fun, share testimonials and recipes, and highlight the brand’s followers.

You’ll find their website has a clean, sleek, responsive design and even more recipe ideas to use the milk. And of course you’ll be able to learn more about the product and the benefits of almond milk. And did you notice the URL? is simple, easy to remember, and it works.


The first thing you’ll notice about the RETREATYOURSELF Instagram page is its bright and colorful theme. It just so happens to be their brand colors, and if you’re even remotely familiar with Ampjar then you know we’re constantly stressing the importance of branding. Honestly though, their entire feed is a master class in how businesses should market on Instagram.

Their content is capital phenomenal. It’s a combination of motivational quotes, pics of their product, fun and whimsical images, and real, authentic women being unapologetically themselves. Who wouldn’t be inspired?  And their stories? We could go on forever about them, too. They also use every tool available – swipes, a podcast, testimonials, screensavers… the list goes on.

What we love about the RETREATYOURSELF site is that it’s totally focused on selling itself. The UI is great, it’s full of testimonials and social proof (known to drive sales), it’s transparent and tells you exactly what you’ll be getting in your box, and they’ve even built a brand community with a blog and Facebook group.

Super Cubes

Talk about a feed you could just eat up! The healthiest food isn’t necessarily the tastiest, but Super Cubes’ Instagram feed is absolutely mouth-watering. 😋  They really let their food do the talking, and the content itself is super fun, bright, and exciting.

This is how you do a food brand on Instagram. 

On their website, you’ll find those same fun colors and get a pretty consistent brand vibe throughout. What we’re more focused on, though, is all the information Super Cubes offers on their site. It’s absolutely packed with free recipes (including a downloadable e-book), blog tips for healthy eating, and instruction on how to use their product. They hit the majority of their customer’s objections before they even realize they have them.

Now that’s how you sell!


As far as disruptive marketing goes – Kiito knows what they are doing. They do a stellar job telling their story on Instagram, and it’s clear that while they have a quality product, they like to have fun with it. About a quarter of their content is their brand worked into a meme, and honestly, we love it! They come off as casual and relatable, and those types of close connections help turn browsers into buyers.

Kiito does get a little more serious once you get to their website as they’re focused on selling their product (which they should be). The site is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate, and we appreciate that they take the time to dive into more detail about what Kiito is and why it’s beneficial.

Malibu mylk

I could scroll through this feed for hours. It’s just so much fun to look at – and the more you look at it, the more appetizing all food looks, too. That’s great news, because getting you hungry for their recipes is exactly what they’re trying to do…and they’re succeeding.

If you pop over to the malibu mylk site your eyes will be delighted. Your taste buds are next though, because they heavily focus the content on recipes you can make using their milk. So fair warning – after scrolling for a few minutes you’ll probably be ready to pull your wallet out so you can get those treats in your mouth ASAP (I’m looking at you, peppermint smoothie). 


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: people like people. That’s why Koja is killing it with their Instagram. The founder puts herself front and center in photo and video posts, speaking directly to her audience as a person, and not a brand. Not surprisingly, her videos always outperform any other content on the feed.

The Koja website is full of some of our favorite things, too. Like how they proudly display their testimonials, recipes using their products, and a blog focused on health and nutrition education.

Unicorn Superfoods

One glance at their Instagram feed and it’s obvious where Unicorn Superfoods gets its name. Their branding is 100% on point, and frankly we just can’t say enough great things about it. First of all, it’s VERY clear that they put a lot of energy into their social strategy – and it’s paying off in a big way. They’ve managed to make health both fun and appetizing and it’s genius.  It does a great job of luring in even the pickiest eaters.

Their stories are a force all their own. Full of recipes, testimonials, sales announcements, and swipes for buying their products right from their profile. Plus their bio is incredibly optimized for ecommerce. In fact their Instagram is so good, the brand almost doesn’t even need a website.

But of course they have one. And of course it’s great. Naturally, they dish on their benefits and give more details about their products. They’ve also got a health-focused blog, some well-deserved bragging right “As seen in” mentions, and invitations for brand collaborations.

Restaurants and spaces 

Laneway Greens

Laneway Greens is a healthy wholefood restaurant and their Instagram really is a big part of their marketing. What we love about it is just that it feels so accessible. The images are well done, but they don’t have an over-the-top production value to them. The result is an instantly welcoming, casual vibe that makes it feel like it’s an intuitive decision to eat there.

Urban Projuice

The best thing about Urban Projuice is that they’re a community restaurant, and their feed feels like a community. A good majority of the food pics are of actual customers’ meals and not staged photos, so you see exactly what the restaurant quality is…and it looks gooood.

They’ve also got pictures of the staff, cool scenery of the neighborhood, and just down-to-Earth communication – like sharing with their followers that they’re hiring (And who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all that deliciousness?) 

Hothut Yoga

Hothut Yoga is a boutique Yoga studio nestled in a quaint little wooded area, and it looks like an absolutely dreamy place to further your practice. If Yoga is supposed to make you feel relaxed and one with nature, Hothut is THE premier place. They know it, and they want you to know it, too. That’s why they play this delicate balancing act of showing real people, the undeniable beauty of the area, and this mesmerizing charm that seems to just ooze out of the imagery.

Scrolling through their feed feels like an experience, and strong emotional connections help drive sales. It’s a perfect strategy that you won’t notice, but is definitely working silently in the background. The website does more of the same, with big bold images to really drive home that, “I want…I NEED to be there” feeling. 

They’re selling the experience, and it works.

Vie Pilates

Vie Pilates has this crazy original content strategy we’ve never seen before, but now that we have, we can’t get enough. Their branding with the big bubble letters is totally refreshing and fun, and it naturally draws you in. The real marvel of this feed though, is that every single piece of content is video. Each one is an actionable workout, and each corresponding caption has a detailed routine to go with it. If you’re into Pilates, there’s no reason you shouldn’t follow this account.

Their website is more traditional and what you’d expect from physical trainers. You can learn more about the brand, educate yourself on Pilates, and book studio sessions. 


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, but there are a few proven techniques that we know people respond well to that are worth trying. Here’s our favorite actionable takeaways from these brands that you can use for yours, too:

  • Quality content – whether it’s images, video, or something in-between. You don’t have to be an award-winning photographer. You just have to get creative with your strategy and commit to it. And remember when in doubt, quality > quantity.
  • Put people first – It’s not a coincidence that so many of these brands have their CEOs front and center. People respond well to other people, and it makes your brand feel more personable and accessible no matter the industry. Plus, images with people tend to perform better.
  • Have a consistent theme – Did you notice how clean every one of these brands’ feeds are? Sometimes it’s a color palette, sometimes it’s a posting pattern, sometimes it’s just a general vibe. The bottom line is, each one of these brands picked a theme and stuck with it; and the result is an organized, cohesive, professional looking feel that boost credibility and makes your feed more interesting.

Did we miss something? What’s your go-to strategy to boost views and sales for your health, wellness, or fitness brand? 

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